A queen bee comes calling


Written by Corinne Ton That
Published on July 17, 2013 | the Montreal Gazette

"The santropol roulant collective creates a new colony in one of its hives as part of a downtown beekeeping project. Simon Chauvette and Bree Akesson make their way to the rooftop of McGill University's engineering building with a tiny queen in hand.

"I love taking care of her," says Akesson, carrying a red box that contains a little cage. She won't be free for another few days and, once she's loose, she'll reign over a brand new colony of honeybees. Chauvette and Akesson, both McGill students, are also novice beekeepers. Every few weeks, they head to the rooftop beehive at McGill's Frank Dawson Adams building. On this day, they're splitting the hive in two to create a new colony."

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