McGill web partner Futurity expands to U.K.


Research news website Futurity gains new contributing universities in the U.K.

The research news Web site Futurity, featuring discoveries from McGill and 45 other research universities in North America, has gained seven new partners in the U.K.

Since launching in September, Futurity has attracted more than 400,000 visitors to stories covering topics in health, culture, the environment, science, engineering and technology. Recent posts have profiled findings about poverty and postpartum depression, flexible solar cells, Facebook fans, coral reefs, energy-efficient prosthetics, and nanofibres that might one day be woven into clothes that could charge a cell phone.

Jenny Leonard, who is based at the University of Rochester, edits Futurity. “Futurity has found a substantial audience among consumers who are searching for more news about research and science,” she says. “We’re also reaching younger readers who prefer to find their news on the Web. We are delighted with the enthusiasm our new British partners bring to this important effort.”

Most Futurity stories include links to published reports and supplemental materials that allow readers to explore topics in more detail. Visitors can post comments, direct questions to researchers, and sign up for a daily e-mail update. Fans can follow Futurity on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Futurity plans to release mobile apps for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android this spring.

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