Kudos: Science Scarlet Key winners


Congratulations to the following Science students, who were named to the Scarlet Key Society in 2007. Their induction citations below, from the Scarlet Key Society, show how McGill and its students have benefited extraordinarily from their involvement.

Amanda M. Feige

Bachelor of Science, Physiology

An outstanding athlete and devoted volunteer, Amanda has competed with the McGill Synchronized Swim Team during her entire university career. During the last three years, she has also served as president and head coach. As a result of her dedication, fundraising endeavours and innovative training, Amanda has successfully led the team to their current status of three-time undefeated Canadian league champions. She is also currently the president of the Canadian University Synchronized Swimming League and volunteers her time as a tutor and first-year buddy.

Lili Gao

Bachelor of Science, Microbiology & Immunology, Minor Management

Lili Gao has held numerous offices within the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) over the past four years, and is currently its president. As vice-president external of SUS, she was responsible for a complete redesign of the Volunteer Placement Program website, which received more than 1,000 hits in its first three days of operation. Involved in a number of volunteer and environmental initiatives, Lili is the founder and principal organizer of Green Week, an event designed to raise environmental awareness and popularize simple, practical ways to reduce one's ecological footprint.

Crystal P. Mann

Doctor of Philosophy, Earth & Planetary Sciences

Crystal is the founder and driving force behind the Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Research Symposium, now in its fourth year. This symposium provides graduate students with an opportunity to present their research to an interdisciplinary audience, develop networking and communication skills, and receive valuable feedback on research efforts and presentation formats. It contributes a key practical aspect to the training of its participants, allowing them to graduate with more confidence in the "soft skills" associated with success as a scientist. This event has raised McGill's international profile, providing a template for similar conferences at Queen's and Oxford. A true leader, Crystal has also taken concrete steps to ensure the continuity of the symposium after her graduation.

David Matthews

Bachelor of Music, Violin, and Bachelor of Science, Biology

David has been an active student leader throughout his time at McGill. As its president, he worked to revitalize the Music Undergraduate Students' Association (MUSA), by establishing a $100,000 endowment to help ensure financial stability and by introducing relevant services such as the Peer Tutoring Program. During his time as a MUSA executive and student senator, David also devoted himself to the issue of practice space, helping to secure this key resource for music students. He is currently serving on the editorial board of the Science Undergraduate Research Journal and works as a residence don at Douglas Hall. David recently won a Rhodes Scholarship to study global health and social policy at Oxford.

Finn Upham

Bachelor of Music, Music Theory, and Bachelor of Science, Mathematics

Finn Upham has been steadily involved in student government for five years, from departmental student associations to becoming the Vice-President (University Affairs) of the Students' Society of McGill University. A committed advocate for a wide variety of causes, her work has resulted in significant progress on issues of linguistic rights, undergraduate research, names of common usage and course evaluations. Perhaps most significantly, Finn has used her position this year to put issues of campus sustainability on the University community's priority list, thereby helping to make McGill a greener place.