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Fraud artist alert


Published: 30 Nov 2005

The police officers from district 20 of the Montreal Police Department (SPVM) wish to inform you about an individual who is presently operating within the limits of the downtown area. He approaches his victims, who are mostly women, and tells them that he has lost his debit card. He then asks them for money under the pretext that he needs it to return home.

He offers a personal cheque to his victims and accompanies them to an automatic teller machine at a financial institution so that the aforementioned cheque can be deposited in their bank account. Once the deposit is made, the victims withdraw the same amount to give to the suspect, who, in turn, hands over a small amount to them as compensation for their kindness. Needless to say, the cheque deposited later "bounces."

This individual has been arrested for the same type of crime in the past. He struck again on Tuesday, November 15, at the corner of Peel and De Maisonneuve. During this incident, the man was audacious enough to dine with the victim over a copious meal.

Profile of the individual

Caucasian male, age 24, 6 foot, 165 pounds, hazel eyes, "piercing" in the left ear, blond, short hair. Tattoos: "No 13" on the right shoulder and a human skull on the left shoulder. Scar on the left cheek.

We ask you to be very vigilant and report any event connected with this individual by dialling 911.

Source: District 20 Montreal police department

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