James Green

Swimming up(bid)stream

Published: 4Oct2017

Desautels Global Expert and Chief Executive Officer at Magnetic, James Green (BMus'86), explores the cause and effects of the rise of ad opportunities available for auction online, or bidstream....

Facebook, Google and spending those advertising dollars

Published: 6Sep2017

In a piece for Martech Today, Desautels Global Expert James Green (BMus'86) writes that, though the US advertising industry is growing, the fact is that Google and Facebook are raking in the...

James Green on being fired by Steve Jobs, an expiring visa and building back to success

Published: 6Sep2017

Magnetic CEO and Desautels Global Expert James Green (BMus'86) has a remarkable resume by any measure, but his story is even more impressive: he worked at Disney for almost a decade before becoming...

Startups and raises, frank words by James Green

Published: 27Apr2017

In a recent op-ed for Fortune.com, Magnetic CEO James Green (BMus'86) discusses how to ask for a raise when you work in the sometimes-volatile startup space.