Financial Services

2016 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide - Summary of Changes

Published: 18Nov2016

If you are involved with the financial administration of Tri-Agency grants (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC and CRC), please read the message below....

Travel Management Program Part II

Published: 1Nov2016

This message is sent on behalf of Morty Yalovsky, Interim Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) Dear colleagues,

Tri-Agency - NEW RULES for DELEGATION of Signing Authority

Published: 26Oct2016

This message is sent out on behalf of Elvie Coletta, Director, Research Financial Management Services, Financial Services...

Budget Carry Forwards posted to May of fiscal year 17 (2016/17)

Published: 31May2016

To all Finance users,Budget carry forward balances for all applicable funds have been posted to May of fiscal year 17 (2016/17). This budget appears in account code 700421, 700422 or 700428 ...

"McGill Financial Statements" - Month of April 2016

Published: 31May2016

To all Finance users,The University fiscal year 16 (2015/16) is officially closed. You may pick up your April Minerva Financial Statements by logging into Minerva via