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Bellairs Research Institute

Bellairs Research Institute is Canada's only teaching and research facility in the tropics. The Institute was founded and endowed in 1954 by the late Commander Carlyon W. Bellairs to provide a facility through which staff at McGill might develop a scholarly interest in the tropics. Located in Holetown, Barbados, it plays host to students and scientists from around the world for field courses, workshops and research projects involving both marine and terrestrial environments. Bellairs also maintains close association with local academic, government, and non-government organizations.

Bellairs Research Institute is a McGill University facilility which maintains an open-door policy to all researchers with academic interests in tropical terrestrial and marine environments. Bellairs offers access to a world of opportunities. On site, there is a range of marine habitats, including intertidal sand and rock, coral reefs, estuaries and mangroves, algal and seagrass beds, and deep oceanic water close to shore. The Institute provides easy access to other unique marine and terrestrial environments nearby; Barbados is the only non-volcanic island in the Lesser Antilles. Research at Bellairs has broadened from primarily marine science to a wide spectrum of disciplines in the natural and social sciences, such as geology, geography, archaeology, climatology, biology, ecology, horticulture, agriculture, sustainability, and water management.

Bellairs' solar fountain
Bellairs' solar fountain

Bellairs turns 60!

2014 marks the 60th anniversary of the Bellairs Research Institute. Visit our "From the archives" page for pictures from the early days, and for the full text of a speech given by Principal F. Cyril James in 1960 on the opening of the first new building at Bellairs. Various activities will be taking place throughout the year to commemorate the anniversary.

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Barbados recently hosted this year's World Environment Day (WED) global celebrations.