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ASAP 2012

Three cross-cutting themes


ASAP 2012 builds on McGill’s international strengths and relationships. McGill is one of the most international universities in North America.

Key documents

Prior Planning and Assessment of Progress:

ASAP 2012 Work Groups

ASAP 2012 was drafted largely on the basis of feedback from across the University. To keep that consultative process going, and to make sure we hear from all corners of McGill, the Office of the Provost created six Work Groups to study areas where additional investigation and recommendation are needed. These include:


The implementation of ASAP 2012 will involve every Faculty and administrative unit that will find appropriate ways to express at the local level the strategic objectives outlined in the plan. Implementation will reflect coordination with the new mutli-year, multi-fund Finance and Budget Integration (FBI) project. The latter process includes performance measures derived from ASAP 2012 and other planning documents, including the SRP, Campaign McGill, and the University Master Plan.

About ASAP 2012

ASAP 2012: Achieving Strategic Academic Priorities is the formal statement of McGill University’s academic plan that builds on the successes and addresses remaining gaps identified by Strengths and Aspirations, the 2006 strategic plan. The new plan, which was endorsed by Senate on October 17, 2012 and by the Board of Governors on 1 February 2013, is designed to strengthen what has been accomplished by responding to the economic, political, social and technological changes of the past six years.