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Third-year undergraduate group project (Zhongyuan Dai, Justin Chapman)

Front door detail, School of Architecture (Ricardo Vera)

Architecture students examining sketches (Kyle Burrows)

Stonework detail, front façade of the School of Architecture (Ricardo Vera)

Student review in Exhibition Room (Kyle Burrows)

Interpretive project from the first-year studio of the undergraduate professional program (Carrie Henzie)

Macdonald-Harrington Building, home of the School of Architecture (Ricardo Vera)

Thesis students Erin Halpin and Peter Moses in the Master's studio of the professional program (Carrie Henzie)

Main entrance to the School of Architecture (Ricardo Vera)

Stairway in School of Architecture (Ricardo Vera)

Review of professional M.Arch. projects in Exhibition Room, with Gerald Sheff Visiting Professors Katsuhiro Yamazaki and Manon Asselin (Fall 2012) (Ji Won Jun)

Architecture studio work stations, view from outside (Ricardo Vera)

The School of Architecture is housed in the Macdonald-Harrington Building nestled within the Faculty of Engineering complex (Carrie Henzie)

School of Architecture

Founded in 1896, the School of Architecture at McGill University offers professional programs, including B.Sc. (Arch.) and M.Arch. (Professional), and post-professional research programs, including M.Arch. (Post-professional) and Ph.D.


To advance professional architectural education that flourishes through research, critical practice, and community engagement.


The School of Architecture educates professionals who contribute to the global community through the design, construction, and interpretation of the built environment.  The School:

  • encourages a diverse environment for teaching, learning, and research, supported by both traditional and state-of-the-art digital resources.
  • develops professional and post-professional research-based Master's and Ph.D. programs that enable graduates to contribute responsibly to the profession, to research, and to careers in related fields.
  • enriches multi-disciplinary teaching and research within the University and in connection with other local and international universities.
  • engages citizens' groups, local, provincial, and national governments, the private sector, and the profession toward the improvement of the built environment.


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