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Conference Program

N.B.: Each panel session will contain three 20-minute papers, plus half an hour for questions

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

12:45 Greetings and welcome: J. Patrick Hornbeck II (Fordham)

First keynote address: John Van Engen (Notre Dame): "The Lollards and Culture Upheaval in the Later Middle Ages: a Long View from the European Continent"

2:30 Break

Panel sessions

1. What's In a Name? Questions of Terminology

Chair: Andrew Albin (Fordham)

Andrew Cole (Princeton): "Lollards in Europe When?: Questions for the Year 1309, and after"

Pavel Soukup (Centre for Medieval Studies, Prague/Humboldt University): "A Crusade against the 'Wycliffites'? Giving Names to Hussite Heresy"

Sean Otto (Toronto): "Thomas Brinton and John Wyclif: Two sides of Late Medieval Reform in England"

2. English and Continental Manuscripts

Chair: Kathleen Kennedy (Pennsylvania State University - Brandywine)

Elizabeth Solopova (Oxford): "The Wycliffite Bible: Canonical Scriptures or a Collection of Texts?"

Emily Steiner (University of Pennsylvania): "Alphabetizing after Wyclif"

Louisa Foroughi (Fordham): "'They reputyth Englysch pepyll for none nac[iou]n:' Scriptural Translation and Nationhood in Columbia University Library Plimpton MS 259"


Panel sessions

3. The Eucharist

Chair: Mishtooni Bose (Oxford)

Alex Russell (University of Warwick): "Wyclif and the Physics of the Eucharist: One-Man Armies, Singularities and the Place Problem of Nutrition"

Thomas Izbicki (Rutgers): "The Eucharist at the General Councils of the Early Fifteenth Century"

Ian Christopher Levy (Providence College): "Interpreting the Intention of Christ: Roman Responses to Hussite Utraquism

4. Locality and Insularity

Chair: Andrew Cole (Princeton)

Kathleen Kennedy (Pennsylvania State University - Brandywine): "Continental Artists and the Wycliffite Bible"

Sheila Lindenbaum (Indiana University): "Wyclif’s Legacy to London: Academic Charisma in the Public Sphere"



Dinner in small groups on own (a list of recommended restaurants will be available in your conference folder)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

9:30 Coffee and pastries

Panel sessions

5. International Communication and Textual Transmission

Chair: Fiona Somerset (University of Connecticut)

Ota Pavlíček (Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic): "The Transmission of Texts and Ideas between Oxford and Prague: Jerome of Prague, John Wyclif and the Later Oxford Realists"

Luigi Campi (Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale Amedeo Avogadro): "Determinism and Predestination between Oxford and Prague: The Late Wyclif's Retractationes and their Defence by Peter Payne"

Marcela Perett (Bard College, Berlin): "Wyclif's Dangerous Legacy: Disagreement, Division and Eucharistic Theology in the Bohemian Vernacular"

6. Preaching

Chair: Andrew Kraebel (Yale)

Jennifer Illig (Fordham): "The Making of a 'trewe cristen': English Wycliffite Sermons and Christian Formation"

Chris L. Nighman (Wilfrid Laurier University): "The Compendium moralium notabilium: an Early Humanist Florilegium at the Council of Constance"

Stephen Pink (Oxford): "A Late Medieval Sacrament? Wyclif's Idea of Preaching, Its Origins and Impact"

11:30 Lunch in small groups on own (a list of recommended restaurants will be available in your conference folder)

Panel sessions

7. Prophecy and Apocalyptic

Chair: Marcela Perett (Bard College, Berlin)

Magda Hayton (Toronto): "Schism, War, and Late Medieval Prophecy Collections in England and France"

Pavlína Cermanová (Charles University): "Constructing the Apocalypse. Intersections between English and Bohemian Apocalyptic Thinking"

John Glasenapp, OSB (Columbia): "Fadres of heresie, false apostlis: Antimendicants, Hildegard, and the Problem of Authority"

8. Practices of Devotion

Chair: Leah Schwebel (Texas State University)

Robyn Malo (Purdue University): "Sin, Confession, and Lay Devotion in Fifteenth-Century England"

Allison Alberts (Fordham): "Lollards and Saints: Contention Revisited"

Lucie Doležalová (Charles University): "Remembering the Ten Commandments before and after Wyclif"

2:15 Depart for exhibition / remarks at Morgan Library and Museum (subway, taxis)
3:00 Exhibition / remarks at Morgan Library and Museum: Roger Wieck (Morgan Library and Museum)

Panel on pedagogy (at the Morgan Library and Museum) 

Chair: Mary Raschko (Mercer University)

Phillip Haberkern (History, Boston University)

Shannon Gayk (English Literature, Indiana University)

Ian Christopher Levy (Theology, Providence College)

6:30 Reception and conference dinner (12th Floor Lounge)

Friday, June 6, 2014

8:00 Coffee and pastries
8:30 Lollard Society business meeting

Panel sessions

9. Rhetorics of Devotion

Chair: Robyn Malo (Purdue University)

Mishtooni Bose (Oxford): "Perish the Thought? Intellection in Religious Experience after Wyclif"

Shannon Gayk (Indiana University): "Judas's Lips: The Arma Christi and Rhetorics of Dissent in Early England"

Mary Raschko (Mercer University): "Re-Forming the Life of Christ"

10. Wycliffites, Hussites, and the Reformation

Chair: Pavel Soukup (Centre for Medieval Studies, Prague/Humboldt University)

Russ Leo (Princeton): "Wycliffites and Reformation Drama"

Seth Lee (University of Kentucky): "Of Kings and Governors: Exile Polemic and English National Identity"

Phillip Haberkern (Boston University): "'May God prevent a similar end and ruin as the Bohemians!': Reformation Polemics and the Hussite Revolution as Cautionary Tale"

11:00 Break

Second keynote address: Fiona Somerset (University of Connecticut): "Wyclif, Canon Law, and the Politics of Consent"

Concluding remarks / conference response: Michael Van Dussen (McGill)