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Spin Bike Gardens

Go for a Spin on Campus 

Spin Bike Gardens is a project aimed at promoting mental health and well-being at McGill. These spaces are equipped with silent spin bikes in soothing green enclaves where you can take a needed mental and physical break. And there are electrical outlets so both you and your phone can recharge. 

Some students ride before they write exams (or after!) to work out the adrenaline. Others ride to wake up in the morning.

No matter the reason, spin bikes are just one tool among many that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Map of spin bike locations in McIntyre, Redpath Library, Trottier and Brown Building


  • McIntyre: 3rd Floor, near Osler Library
  • Redpath Library: 1st floor, in group study area
  • Trottier: 5th floor, in open computer lab
  • Brown Building: 4th floor, East wing


Get moving for 10-20 minutes and try and reach point where you can talk while spinning but couldn’t comfortably sing. At this intensity, research has shown that immediate mental wellness benefits are achieved, including increased alertness and concentration, along with a boost in mood.