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You can book an appointment with a Hub professional by calling our number or by coming in person.


Whether you want general information on recommended vaccines for university students or you're a Health Science student who needs a mandatory vaccine, look no further!

You may be required to pay for some vaccines! Vaccines that are covered by Quebec Public Health are available at the Hub. Check your SSMU/PGSS or Blue Cross International insurance to see whether you’re covered.

You can purchase a vaccine that has been prescribed to you from a pharmacy and make another appointment at the Hub to have the dose administered here. If you do so, make sure you have instructions on how to transport and store the vaccine(s) until your appointment.

Please note that certain vaccines are only free for Health Science students.

Booking an appointment with a nurse is highly recommended for all students so that you can learn about your eligibility, whether your vaccines are up to date and the availability of vaccines at the Hub.

  1. For general vaccine information, please consult:
  2. For information on the Quebec Immunization Program and which vaccines are available for free, please consult:

Required Immunizations for Health Science & Social Work Students

If you’re a health care student who requires a vaccine to complete your clinical requirements, you can receive your vaccines:

  • At the Hub
  • Through your own physician
  • Or at a CLSC.

All completed forms will be forwarded to the Hub. Check with your admission office for details.

You’ll have to pay for any vaccines you require if you choose to do an elective or placement outside of Quebec.


Requirements for New Students Upon Admissions to Dental School


Requirements for GPR and OMFS Students (Dentistry)


This Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) form is for newly admitted students to the McGill MDCM program as well as for future elective rotations at other institutions.

You will have to pay for certain requirements (as indicated on the McGill version) that go above and beyond the public health standards set for the province of Quebec.

It is recommended that you complete the form in its entirety at the beginning of your program for convenience. Otherwise, you may need to complete additional requirements prior to 3rd year electives outside of McGill.