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McGill offers a wide variety of services to support student success and well-being. Due to the COVID-19 alert level in Montreal, some of our services will return to remote delivery until further notice. For details, click visit the "How to Access Student Services" page. In all cases, access is by appointment only, so please contact us for an appointment.

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Students have access to the following types of health insurance coverage, depending on their status:

Not sure which insurance plans you are enrolled in?  Check your Account Summary in Minerva to see if you have paid for the McGill IHI Plan or SSMU/PGSS/MCSS supplemental health or dental plans.

McGill International Health Insurance Plan

The McGill International Health Insurance (IHI) Plan is mandatory for all international students. You also have access to supplemental health and dental insurance through your student society.

Activate Your Coverage:

You must activate your coverage in Minerva to be able to use your insurance coverage and make claims. 

Make a Claim:

Whenever you go to a clinic outside McGill, you will most likely need to pay for any medical services received, and then submit a claim to your insurance provider(s).

What's Covered?

Basic health benefits are 100% covered* (subject to the maximum specified for each benefit by the plan). This includes hospitalization, physician fees, diagnostic tests, maternity, dental care (emergency only), and vision care (eye exam only).

Supplemental health benefits are 80% covered* (subject to the maximum specified for each benefit by the plan). This includes prescription drugs, vaccinations, registered dietitians, ambulance, physiotherapy, and others.

Travel benefits cover emergency hospital and medical expenses for leisure travel (not to your country of origin) up to 4 weeks* (subject to limitations – consult your plan details carefully prior to travel).

*Consult the plan booklet for detailed information.


Provincial Health Insurance Plans (Canadian Residents)

These plans are available to Residents of Canada. Your provincial health care plan provides coverage for primary health care and care in hospitals.

Students studying outside of their province of residency must inform their provincial health agency in order to maintain their coverage. Contact your provincial health agency:


If you are a Canadian citizen without provincial residency, please visit the International Student Services Health Insurance website for more information.

Supplemental Health Insurance Plans (SSMU, PGSS, MCSS)

Supplemental health and dental plans help you pay for services that are not covered by the McGill IHI Plan. International students are automatically enrolled in the SSMU, PGSS, or MCSS dental plans. Canadian residents are automatically enrolled in the SSMU, PGSS, or MCSS health and dental plans if registered in a Fall semester (details available on the Student Accounts website).

Students may choose to opt-in or opt-out of these plans during the Change-of-Coverage and Opt-Out Period (visit for instructions).

What's Covered?

Supplemental Health Plan: Prescription drugs, contraception, physiotherapy, psychology, ambulance, laboratory tests, vision care (eye exams and eyeglasses) and more. Coverage is generally up to 80% and subject to limitations.

Dental Plan:  Preventive services (including cleanings), basic services (including periodontics), and more. Coverage is generally up to 70% and subject to limitations.

Coverage varies depending on your plan (SSMU, PGSS or MCSS).  Visit for detailed information.

Tip: By choosing a professional from the Studentcare network of care providers, you can get additional coverage.

Private Health Insurance

Consult your insurance provider for information on your plan.  If you're looking to buy private insurance, many banks and private insurance companies offer health and travel insurance.  Be sure to compare costs and coverage limitations when choosing a plan.

International students covered by private health insurance are not exempt from the McGill International Health Insurance plan.

Insurance Tips:

  1. Familiarize yourself with your insurance plan(s) before you access healthcare or make a claim.
  2. Make sure your insurance card is valid and up to date.
  3. If you have more than one insurance plan, you can combine them to get more coverage when submitting a claim. Check with each provider to see where you should submit the claim first.
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