Healthy Living Annex FAQs

What is the Healthy Living Annex (HLA)

The Healthy Living Annex (HLA) is the health promotion arm of the Student Wellness Hub and a space where you can learn more about prevention and early intervention initiatives. You can also talk to a Hub Peer Supporter, a trained student-peer, who can share resources and guide you as you navigate caring for your well-being.

How do I provide feedback on a Hub service or offering?

You can give feedback online for any service that you've received at the Hub. All feedback is welcome and confidential.

What is prevention and early intervention?

Preventative strategies promote mental health and prevent some mental health concerns. The same prevention strategies are effective for treating or alleviating some mental health challenges. We focus on early intervention because we know our students lead active and busy lives, and it can be tempting to put off asking for help. We want to empower our students to learn how to manage and address their challenges before they escalate into crisis situations that create additional barriers to their academic success.

What are some activities offered by the HLA?

At the HLA, you will find access to the Art HiveAnimal Therapy, and other peer-led workshops and spaces. Peer support is also an important aspect of health promotion and early intervention. These initiatives and spaces can sometimes be enough for a student who wants to care for their well-being. They can also work as a complement to a student seeking clinical services. We are here to help!

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