General FAQs

What is the Hub?

Located in the Brown Student Services Building at 1070 Dr Penfield Ave and on Macdonald campus in Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue, the Student Wellness Hub is our student’s place to go for his/her/their holistic health and wellness needs. It provides access to physical and mental health services, as well as health promotion and peer support programs. With a holistic vision of health and well-being and a collaborative care model approach, services are integrated and streamlined to allow students to access care quickly and conveniently. Our services and programming are geared toward helping students navigate the wide range of challenges that arise over the course of their academic careers at McGill. The Student Wellness Hub team aims to empower students to be better informed and take charge of their well-being journey.

Are there any special considerations for international students?

In Canada, healthcare services are regulated by the provincial government. Students from outside of Quebec - including international students - will usually need to pay out-of-pocket for any medical services received off-campus and file a claim for reimbursement to their insurance provider. If you wish to open a file in a private clinic off-campus, there is often a one-time fee that is not covered by most insurance providers

Do I pay for any service I receive?

There are associated fees at the Hub, including cancelling an appointment without adequate notice, as well as requests for documentation and other administrative tasks. See the full list of fees for services at the Hub. For more information regarding your insurance coverage as it links to fees, please consult our insurance section.

I am experiencing a life crisis (e.g., the death of a loved one, the loss of my home or a recent assault) - whom should I contact?

In these situations, it’s important to have as many campus resources as possible mobilized to support you. Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students. They can coordinate a response with clinicians as well as other campus resources that would be appropriate. If you are experiencing a crisis, please consult our resources for Urgent Care to get help.

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