This set of documents will seek to explain how we have implemented Drupal at McGill. We will publish what is suitable for public knowledge and try to illustrate how some of our modules work and how they are integrated into the overall Drupal environment we've created.

Here are some basic facts concerning the implementation (which we call the 'Web Management System' or 'WMS' for short) of Drupal at McGill:


Drupal sites800+
Drupal version7.25
Contrib modules145
Custom modules100
  • Drupal version: 7.25
  • PHP 5.3
  • Rough number of contributed modules in use: 145
  • Rough number of custom modules in use: 99
  • Number of custom themes we implement: 5
  • Rough number of sites using Drupal 7.x: 661 and counting
  • Searches at McGill utilize both Apache Solr and Google Search Appliance implementations
  • The core team responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the WMS consists of 8-12 developers, designers, analysts, and support staff; other units around McGill also contribute their time and effort on an ongoing basis
  • We run five environments to test and run the WMS: testing, QA, staging, production, and RAS (Remote Application Server)

In addition to the general information provided above, this section of the WMS site includes some module- and theme-specific implementation notes. Here are some highlights:

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