2020 Web Services year-end presentation


Photo illustration of WMS Pro Tips presentation with (from left to right) Karl Jarosiewicz, Lee-Yan Marquez, Jason Delmarr and Joyce Peralta. Photo by Gabirelle Krim.
Image by Photo by Gabirelle Krim..

Web Services: Information, techniques and features you need now

Register to attend our annual year-end Web Services presentation, a joint production of Digital Communications and the Web Service Group. The event will feature an overview of the tools and resources released over the past year to help you, McGill community members who work on WMS, Vhost and blogs.mcgill.ca platforms, build better websites.

This popular event, which usually sells out, will take place online and will include audience quizzes and a Q&A segment to make things fun and interactive. Hope to see you there!

Registration for the event is now closed.
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