Drupal 9

Desperately Seeking CKEditor 5

10 Mar 2023

There was a time when anyone who wanted to edit a website needed to know HTML, and a small error in the code could create lopsided layouts and hours of misery for the editor. So, we should all feel...

New kid on the block: blocks in Drupal 9

9 Feb 2023

When the WMS switches to Drupal 9 blocks, it will continue to offer the same block templates you love (Statement, Call to Action, etc.), but with a more intuitive interface for creating and...

In top form: webforms in Drupal 9

19 Jan 2023

One of the Drupal 9 features we are most excited to see in the WMS is the new webforms. For site managers, webforms in Drupal 9 offer time-saving options such as templates, formatted fields, and...

I can see clearly now. The Claro theme in Drupal 9

17 Jan 2023

You probably don’t think about the administrative theme in the WMS, and that’s the best sign that it’s doing its job well. The people who developed it, on the other hand, did put a lot of thought...

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