Virtual access to #PSEWeb 2023 for all McGill staff

Our gift to the community!

All staff will have free access to the #PSEWeb 2023 virtual conference under our institution-wide pass provided by Digital Communications.

It's important to us that our web community has access to the best information and training available. This is one way we can help you and your team keep your skills sharp and connect with the community. 

What is #PSEWeb?

On July 12 & 13 web professionals from universities, colleges and institutes across North America will come together to share lessons, tips and inspiration. This is an opportunity for us to learn, be inspired and compare our accomplishments with our peers in the broader post-secondary education industry!

How to register

Note: You must have a McGill email address to register.

  1. Go to McGill at #PSEWeb webpage
  2. Enter the password (go to the instructions page and login with your McGill ID to view the password)
  3. Follow the directions to register for your ticket

We're also planning to get together on McGill campus to watch sessions and have group discussions. Keep an eye out for updates!

We encourage you to share this announcement with any team members in your area who work on or create content for your websites and social media channels.

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