New Web Services training courses available

New Web Services training courses provide the McGill online community with the essential tools and knowledge to create and maintain high-quality content.

As of January 2020, four new training courses have been recently made available for the McGill community:

These courses go over the essentials of best practices for content creation, maintaining brand consistency, and UX design, and also outlines the mandatory and legal obligations pertaining to McGill’s Digital Standards.

*Two of these courses, WS-100 and WS-101 are now mandatory for:

  • WMS Site Managers
  • WMS Site Editors
  • VHost Site Owners/Administrators
  • Faculty-Hosted Site Owners/Administrators
  • Administrators

For more information about which course to take for your specific position, here’s a table of course requirements.

To register for these courses, please visit the Training Request Form on Minerva (McGill username and password required).

Here is a list of upcoming sessions to fit the courses in your schedule.

General Overview of Course Material:

Writing for the web at McGill – WS-100

Best practices and techniques for creating better content and to optimize it for the web:

  • Constructing a clear portrait of your users
  • Structuring your text for the web
  • Optimizing of your content for search engines
  • Separating meaning and presentation
  • Writing URLs and other HTML tags


McGill’s digital standards – WS-101

Overview of the criteria for creating and managing McGill websites and online services including:

  • Best practices
  • Mandatory and legal obligations
  • Industry standards regarding web production and other digital properties


Designing digital experiences with the McGill brand - WS-102

An introduction to McGill's design system intended for UI designers, developers, and others with a strong interest in branding and user experience:

  • The principles designers across McGill use to plan and evaluate their work
  • Guidelines for understanding and applying brand values to design work
  • An introduction to the McGill component library and design system compliance tiers


UX at McGill – WX-103

This hands-on workshop is for members of the McGill community who own and manage McGill websites, especially those planning to conduct user experience research for website projects:

  • UX research techniques
  • McGill-supported tools and resources for conducting UX research and design
  • Tips for ensuring you meet your goals when conducting UX research
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