An audit opportunity you won't want to miss!

Participating sites will undergo a web accessibility evaluation and, if issues are discovered, our audit team will fix them.

Do you know if your site meets the Quebec Government's web accessibility standards? This summer, we're putting together a web accessibility team to perform an audit blitz on a select number of WMS websites. The team will be staffed by work study students and overseen by Digital Communications. 

Starting with a site's top level pages, team members will evaluate content to identify and address accessibility issues. If you choose to participate, we'll assign a team member to your site for a one week period. For larger sites, we'll focus on addressing key pages: we may not have the time to fully evaluate and update everything. Participating departments can also suggest pages to be included in the audit. Any changes the team makes will be left in a draft state for the site's manager or administrator to review and publish.

Accessibility audit blitz details

Date range: July 19-August 18, 2021

What will be updated?

  • Alt text for images
  • Page structure, e.g. adding/changing heading content
  • Text embedded in images
  • Link text

What won't be updated?*

  • Video captions
  • French translations

* Although this content will not be modified, an audit report will be provided with details of any accessibility compliance issues.

If you'd like to submit your site for possible inclusion in our audit blitz, email web.communications [at] (include the name and contact details for the site manager or administrator who will be the primary point of contact). Please note that a qualified member of your department must be available to review and publish resulting updates in a timely fashion.

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