Free refreshers!

Sorry for the clickbait: refresher modules, no free Dr Pepper.

Starting now, web content creators will need to take refresher modules for WS-100 Writing for the Web and WS-101 McGill Digital Standards every 2 years.

These short modules include a self assessment quiz that makes sure you understand the latest McGill's web content standards and safety, security and legal considerations for McGill's websites.

These modules are mandatory for:

  • WMS site managers
  • WMS site editors
  • VHost site owners or administrators
  • Faculty-hosted site owners or administrators
  • administrators

To register for these modules, please visit MyCourses (username and password required). You should see the courses in the "my courses" block on the MyCourses homepage (you may need to click the "view all courses" option at the bottom of the block). 

Note that access to a refresher module is only given after you've completed the corresponding (WS-100 or WS-102) course. If you don't see the refresher, it could be a sign that you've forgotten or not completed your original course registration. 

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