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If you have any specific enquiries regarding the McGill Visual Arts Collection, please contact us:

Director, Visual Arts Collection:

Gwendolyn Owens
gwendolyn.owens [at]
514 398 7166

Assistant Curator, Visual Arts Collection:


Collections Manager, Visual Arts Collection:

Emily Golan Silver
emily.golan [at]
514 398 2845

Records Assistant, Visual Arts Collection:

Pamela Coombes
pamela.coombes [at]
514 398 2845

Interns and Fellows, Visual Arts Collection

Davin Luce, ARIA Intern, Museum Database Assistant, Curatorial Intern (2018-)
Madeline Holton, ARIA Intern (2019-)
Rachel Vincent-Clarke, AUS Intern, Communications and Collections Assistant (2019-)
Rosalind Sweeney-McCabe, Museum Database Assistant (2018-)

Past Interns and Fellows

Rita Kazan, Graduate Intern in Collection Management (2019)
Abigail Luddy-Dunn, ARIA Intern, (2019)
Hannah Deskin, ARIA Intern, Museum Database Assistant (2017-2019)
Chloe Belair-Morin, Museum Database Assistant (2019)
Camille Crichlow, ARIA Intern (2019)
Frances Cullen, Max Stern Fellow(2018-2019)
Shana Cooperstein, Max Stern Fellow(2017-2018)
Tara Allen-Flanagan, ARIA Intern, Museum Database Assistant (2017-2018)
Zoe De Luca, Max Stern Fellow(2017-18)
Catherine LaRivière, ARIA Intern (2017), Museum Database Assistant (2018)
Lindsay Corbett, Graduate Research Assistant (2017)
Charlotte Vester, ARIA Intern (2017)
Alexandra Bilhete, Art Education Assistant (2017)
Chaerin Kwon, Research Assistant, and AUS Intern (2016-17)
Isabelle Masse, Max Stern Fellow (2016-17)
Hayley Eaves, AUS Intern (2016), Max Stern Fellow (2016-17)
Marianna Chiossi, Research Assistant (2015-2016)
Daisy Charles, Survey Assistant (2013), Collection Assistant (2013-16)
Emily Baker, AUS Intern (2015)
Fin Le Maitre, AUS Intern (2015-2016)
Isabella Mello, ARIA Intern (2016), Winner of Best Poster, 7th Annual Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Event
David Mitchell, Max Stern Fellow (2016)
Valerie Moscato, AUSIntern (2015)
Cynthia Shazia Bergeron-Zaidi, Collection Assistant (2014-15)
Masae Nakazono, AUS Intern (2014)
Sarah Swierski, ARIA Intern (2014)
Joshua Mentanko, Survey Assistant (2013)
Cheryl Thompson, Survey Assistant (2013)
Alexandra Turnbull, Survey Lead (2013)
Jessica Veevers, Survey Assistant (2013)


Rights & Reproduction

The images and information on this website are proprietary to the McGill Visual Arts Collection or its licensors. Please Gwendolyn.owens [at] (contact us) if you would like to reproduce an artwork in the collection or one of the images on this website. If you are filming on the McGill campus or publishing photographs of the campus you may be reproducing artworks that are copyrighted. The Visual Arts Collection staff can assist you in obtaining the reproduction rights you need to proceed.