Studio Projects

Planning Projects II: Winter 2009

Students in the Winter 2009 M.U.P. Studio II worked on the six corridors that are being scrutinised in the Whole-Corridor Urban Design Strategy project. In small groups, these students--most of whom have not had formal design training--examined heterogeneous linear elements of the city that either already include a branch of the existing metro system or which are slated for major upgrades in public-transit infrastructure (tramway or Bus Rapid Transit), as outlined in the city's Plan d'urbanisme (2004) and Plan de transport (2008). The practical work in this studio begins with detailed studies to determine the existing exploitation and capitalisation of all properties along these corridors as indicated by 'hard' measures of urban form--in particular, existing and permitted F.A.R. (floor area ratio). Students then explored various generalised interventions capable of responding to issues and concerns brought to light through detailed analyses of the urban corridors, exploring site-development scenarios and proposing changes to planning policy as may be appropriate.

One of the supporting assignments for the site-specific planning and design exercises involved a study of a major boulevard. Results of this quick exercise can be viewed as PDFs by clicking on these links:

Basel--Group1  [.pdf]
Berkeley--Group5  [.pdf]
LILLE-ROUBAIX--Group2  [.pdf]
MELBOURNE--Group3  [.pdf]
MELBOURNE--Group4  [.pdf]
MONTRÉAL--Group6  [.pdf]

Planning Projects III: Fall 2007


Urban heat islands:
A climate change adaptation strategy for Montréal

Chee F Chan
Julia Lebedeva
José Otero
Gregory Richardson

Studio III Project: Urban Heat Islands

Urban heat islands

StudioIII-2007-UrbanHeatIslands  [.pdf]

Planning Projects III: Fall 2006


Montreal Master Plan
Detailed Planning Area
Bourget-Forget Sector

Friedrich Aldinger
Jennifer Barrett
Bartek Komorowski
Joël Thibert

Concept Map


Bourget-Forget Sector - Final Report  [.pdf]

San José International Convention Centre:
A Catalyst for Growth & Revitalization

Andrés Báez-Rodriguez
Federico Cartín-Arteaga
Véronique Dryden
Gemma Peralta

San Jose Convention Centre

San Jose Convention Centre

San Jose Convention Centre (Costa Rica)  [.pdf]