CURA Governance Strucutre

We have opted for a simple structure, with a principle of parity representation on each committee. The project director will have overall responsibility for the project and its management. A steering committee of 12- 15 people will meet quarterly with responsibility for overall orientation of the project. Each community and academic partner will have a representative on the committee. Ongoing operations will be managed by a coordinating committee comprised of the director, project coordinator and four members of the steering committee. The project coordinator will keep projects moving forward and have overall responsibility for organization, logistics, dissemination and animation of research results, including assuring that training, outreach and dissemination are integral to the project.

Research working groups are the operational focus for the CURA. These committees now meet monthly and are headed by university or community co-applicant researchers. The groups will define research, assess proposals, exchange information, and coordinate activities. Communication across the various organizations and neighbourhoods is already in place and efficiently handled by CDEC, RESO, and Solidarité Saint-Henri; a virtual ‘meeting room’ is set up where participants can find materials from the project.

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