Research and Practice

The faculty and students of the School of Urban Planning are actively engaged in a variety of research endeavours. Both faculty and students contribute regularly to professional publications and participate in international conferences. See detailed faculty profiles for lists of contributions by faculty, students, and graduates of the school, and click HERE to see a full list of publications and papers for 2012.

Students in the Master of Urban Planning program are required to undertake a major supervised research or planning project in their last semester at the school. See Supervised Research Projects for examples.

Faculty and students also contibute to the practice of urban planning, in Montreal and beyond. Faculty members contribute to practice by acting as advisors and consultants for many types of projects. Students contribute to practice principally through studio projects. Many of these projects are carried out for real clients, who typically include municipal planning departments and community organizations. See Studio Projects for examples.

Students are also encouraged to participate in design competitions and charettes. See Design Competitions for examples.

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