Anna Kramer


 Prof. Anna Kramer

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Waterloo
M.Arch., Dalhousie University
B.Env.D., Dalhousie University

Office: Macdonald-Harrington Building, Room 419

e-mail: Anna.Kramer [at]

I currently have no open positions for PhD students. When I do, a call for applications will be posted here. 



Professional and research interests

Anna Kramer works at the intersection of mobility and land. Dr. Kramer’s research focuses on the practice of urban planning with attention to inequality of access to the city, particularly through economic coercion. Her methods combine spatial and policy analysis with fieldwork. Dr. Kramer brings a commitment to planning as a collective renegotiation of the social contract, with a potential for the democratic shaping of space and organization of everyday lives. Geographically, Dr. Kramer’s focus is on metropolitan regions in Canada and the United States. In her first project, the Unaffordable City, she mapped transitscapes to exploring the cost of housing in relation to public transit. Dr. Kramer is currently examining zoning as a tool for the negotiation of redevelopment in the context of its exclusionary history.


PhD dissertation

Divergent affordability: Transit access and housing in North American cities


Select recent publications (peer-reviewed)


Kramer, A. (2018). The unaffordable city: Housing and transit in North American cities. Cities, 83, 1-10.


Kramer, A. & Mettke, C. (2016). The death and life of ‘Transit City’ – searching for sustainable transportation in Toronto's inner suburbs. In Thomas, R. (ed.) Planning Canada: A Case Study Approach (pp. 374-383). Don Mills: Oxford University Press.

Filion, P., Sands, G., & A. Kramer. (2016). Recentralization as an alternative to urban dispersion: Transformative planning in a neoliberal context. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 40(3), 658-678.

2015 and before

Filion, P. & Kramer, A. (2015). Transforming Toronto: Implementation and impacts of urban models. In Smit, A & Valiente, M. (eds.) Public interest, Private property: Law and planning policy in Canada (pp. 136-165). Vancouver: UBC Press.

Filion, P. & Kramer, A. (2012). Transformative metropolitan development models in large Canadian urban areas: The predominance of nodes. Urban Studies, 49 (10), 2237-2264.

Filion, P. & Kramer, A. (2011). Metropolitan-scale planning in neoliberal times: Financial and political obstacles to urban form transition. Space and Polity 15, 197-212.


Other contributions to scholarship and practice


Kramer, A. (2019). Inside and Outside: A meditation on the yellowbelt. In Bozikovic, A., Case, C., Lorinc, J. & Vaughan, A. (eds), House divided (pp. 142-155). Toronto: Coach House Press.


CBC Ideas panel discussion on the ability of Canadian cities to welcome newcomers, with Doug Saunders and Barrington Walker, October 2018. Online here

Metrolinx. (2018) Transit access and social equity: Background paper to the 2041 Regional Transportation Plan. Online here.

2017 and before

Burchfield, M. & Kramer, A. (2015) Growing Pains: Understanding the new reality of population and dwelling patterns in the Toronto and Vancouver regions. Neptis Foundation. Available via

Kramer, A., & Goldstein, A. (2015) Meeting the public's need for transit options: Characteristics of socially equitable transit networks. Institute of Transportation Engineers Journal, 85(9), 23-30.

Moos, M., & Kramer, A. (2012) Atlas of Suburbanisms. Online here


Teaching (2019-2020)

URBP 505 - Geographic Information Systems

URBP 622 - Planning Studio 1

URBP 625 - Principles and Practice 2 Rethinking Zoning


Professional practice 

Anna is a Registered Professional Planner with the Ontario Professional Planners Institute and a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners. She worked at Metrolinx (2013-2016), the Neptis Foundation and Arup Foresight & Development as well as several architecture firms.



Social Science and Humanities Research Council: Insight Development Grant 2017-2020

Visiting Scholar, Cities Centre, University of Toronto 2011-2014

Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2011

University of Waterloo President's Graduate Scholarship 2011

University of Waterloo Graduate Awards 2009-2012

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