Research Interests

Urban planning, political economy of cities, geographies of the Internet, geographical distribution of labor, local and regional economic development, human geography

Though the majority of our interactions are taking place in computer-generated agoras, space still matters. Distance and borders are not disappearing, but the parameters establishing their relevance are changing. Information and communication technology (ICT) and the capitalist economy continuously challenge one another to produce new economic geographies. In such new and changing configurations it is important to understand where work is actually performed in cities.



(Forthcoming). Wall, R.S., Stavropoulos, S., Pajević, F. and Edelenbos, J. (2015) "SMARTNET: Evaluating the Performance of Smart Cities in the Global Economic Network" In Transforming City Governments for Successful Smart Cities (M.P. Rodriguez-Bolivar, ed.). New York: Springer 

(2014). Wall, R.S. and Pajević, F. "The Changing Role of African Cities within the Global Network of FDI: An Empirical Analysis." In Proceedings of the 2013 Global Geospatial Conference. UN Economic Commission for Africa, GSDI, EIS-Africa, Addis Ababa, November.

(2011) Pajević, F. A Competitive Rotterdam: An Investigation into Rotterdam’s competitive status vis-à-vis its main challengers - Hamburg and Frankfurt - within the global market. IHS Thesis Series, v.5. Rotterdam: Erasmus University Press.



Schulich Fellowship (2014-15)

McGill Engineering International Tuition Award (MEITA) (2014-2017)