Lisa M. Bornstein

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley
M.R.P., Cornell University
B.Sc., University of California at Berkeley

Office: Macdonald-Harrington Building, Room 406


Professional and research interests

International planning, economic development, environmental policy and planning, and institutions and governance.


Ph.D. Dissertation

Flexible Production in the Unstable State: Employment, Linkages, and the Brazilian Information Technology Industry.


Selected recent publications and conference presentations

Bornstein, L. (2006). Systems of accountability, webs of deceit? South African NGOs’ experience with monitoring and evaluation. Development 49 (2), 52-61.

Brown, D. and L. Bornstein. (2006). "Whither Managua? Evolution of a City’s Morphology". Presentation given at the 42nd Annual ISoCaRP International Congress, Istanbul. Published in the Conference Proceedings.

Bornstein, L. (2004). City fragments and displaced plans in war-torn Mozambique. In P. Somma and N. Wilkinson (eds.), War in the City (pp. 125-45). Newcastle: Urban International Press.

Bornstein, L. (2004). “Evaluations, strategic planning, and log-frames: donor-imposed straitjackets on local NGOs?” ID21 Research Highlights (UK).

Bornstein, L. (2004). "Building peace, fostering conflict: aid in Mozambique in the 1990s." Presentation given at the Annual Conference of the International Studies Association, Montreal PQ.