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Learn by doing

At McGill, we recognize that there are endless opportunities to learn beyond the classroom, and that some knowledge can only be gained through experience. That’s why we strive to offer you as many opportunities as possible to “learn by doing”—from internships with top-tier organizations, to field study placements half a world away.


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Internships and Co-op programs

Wouldn’t it be great to work with the Clinton Foundation, the United Nations Refugee Agency, the Institute for Health and Social Policy, the Canadian Space Agency, or CBC Radio while studying at McGill?

With our extensive internship programs, select co-op programs, and vast network of industry contacts, you could find yourself doing just that.

Internships and co-op programs are a great way to apply what you’ve learned in class to a real-world setting. By leveraging McGill’s connections to get the best possible placement, you’ll gain valuable on-the-job skills, ensuring your CV stands out from the pack. 

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Study internationally

McGill offers a wide variety of study abroad opportunities, providing a launch pad for you to expand your horizons, immerse yourself in a new culture, and maybe even pick up a new language—all while earning a degree from one of the world’s best universities. Whether you’ve grown up just steps from campus or on the other side of the world, this is your chance to indulge your passion for exploring.

Students interested in going on exchange can choose from more than 150 partner institutions spanning the globe—from Argentina to Australia, Spain to Singapore. Whether you’re a political science major or an engineering student, McGill offers plenty of options.

In addition to exchanges, check out our independent study-away program, or consider signing up for a field study semester abroad. Whichever adventure you choose, it’s sure to be the experience of a lifetime.

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Research at McGill has led to some of the world’s key discoveries. McGill’s pioneers and current trailblazers have pushed the limits of the unknown, including everything from green chemistry to nanotechnology, the science of food and the secrets of DNA.

Why should you care? Because while many universities reserve top faculty members and research experiences for graduate students, McGill breaks the mould. Our undergraduate students have the opportunity to learn from and alongside professors who are actively contributing to research that is changing our world.

Want to be a part of the next big discovery? Talk to your favourite professor about becoming a research assistant, or check out these undergraduate research programs:

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