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Minor Concentration
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
In the Minor in Russian Culture, you will explore a rich variety of cultural work from Russia. Study celebrated works of literature from the nineteenth century onwards, Soviet film, themes in Russian culture, and more. This...
Joint Majors
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Atmospheric science helps us to predict the weather and better understand complex climate patterns. This program will provide you with the necessary knowledge to develop short- and long-range weather and climate predictions,...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
The Bachelor of Music (Orchestral Instruments) program is designed to train professional musicians at the highest level. You will be encouraged to reach your full potential as a performer through private lessons with renowned...
Major, Minor
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Statistics is motivated by the need to extract information from data, to quantify uncertainty, and to make predictions about random phenomena. To do this effectively, sophisticated mathematical and probabilistic techniques and...
Major Concentration, Honours, Joint Honours, Minor Concentration, Supplementary Minor
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
The BA Mathematics program will provide you with fundamental knowledge of the various branches of mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and probability) among other areas of the discipline.    This...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
You can't talk about food production without talking about the environment. Conventional means of food production often equals large scale environmental degradation, and land-use competition. As world populations grow, and as...


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