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Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Are you a skilled musician who would like to improve your practical skills? The three-year Licentiate in Music (L. Mus.) program is a performance-intensive program designed for instrumentalists and singers who wish to...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Bioengineering uses living systems as an inspiration and tool to design and create. It is a rapidly growing discipline covering a range of topics like materials science and tissue engineering, biomedical devices and...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Field studies offer you a chance to put theory into practice through local, regional, and international field study semesters and individual courses. Field Study Semesters are packages of McGill courses aimed at upper-year...
Minor Concentration
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
The Minor in South Asian Studies offers breadth and depth on the histories, literatures, languages, politics, religions, cultures, and societies of South Asia.   Within a multidisciplinary and flexible framework, you can...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Operations Management keeps the business wheels turning, spanning all areas of business from production to distribution. A concentration in Operations Management at McGill will allow you to learn how to design, plan, control,...
Major Concentration, Minor Concentration
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
The Major Concentration World Religions offers students a broad introduction to the study of the world’s major religions, while also making room for your specific areas of interest. The program also teaches you how to develop...
Major Concentration, Honours
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Liberal Arts offers a broad, non-specialist undergraduate education in the humanities. Our program is uniquely tailored to a research-intensive university. You will experience a classical liberal arts education that focuses on...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Immunology looks at the structure and processes of our immune system, which protects us from external agents such as pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. Since immunology is a key area of biomedical research and...
Major, Minor, Minor Concentration
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
 Statistics is motivated by the need to extract information from data, quantify uncertainty, and make predictions about random phenomena. Sophisticated mathematical and probabilistic techniques and computational tools are...
Major, Minor
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Statistics is motivated by the need to extract information from data, to quantify uncertainty, and to make predictions about random phenomena. To do this effectively, sophisticated mathematical and probabilistic techniques and...


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