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Major, Honours, Liberal Program
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
How do cells behave? In what ways do dysfunctional molecular interactions result in diseases? How can we design molecules to cure those diseases? Biochemistry aims to help us answer these and other complex questions. At its...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is experiencing considerable growth. There is significant demand for knowledge in this area, in industry as well as with students. Applications for AI are emerging in all fields of...
Major, Honours, Minor
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
At the Bieler School of Environment, you will learn how to communicate and contribute effectively on a range of environmental issues. Benefit from an environment where ingenuity and openness to new ideas are encouraged – and ...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Chemical engineers design the processes and systems required to scale something a chemist produces in the lab (like plastics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals) into mass manufacturable products. Studying chemical engineering at...
Minor Concentration
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
The Science for Arts students minor is perfect if you are looking to explore your interests in science while pursuing a Major program in the Faculty of Arts. You can choose a specialization in one of various fields, including...


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