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Downtown (Montreal) Campus
The brain is one of the most complex systems in the universe and understanding how it functions is one of science's most significant challenges. The BSc. Neuroscience Major program seeks to provide you with the knowledge...
Major, Honours
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Electrical Engineers are experts in developing, testing and solving problems within electrical systems. McGill’s Major in Electrical Engineering offers a broad understanding of key principles in rapidly advancing fields like...
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Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Our undergraduate programs in World Islamic and Middle East Studies offer you an interdisciplinary education of the Islamic world. Combining humanities and social-science approaches, this program introduces you to the textual...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
The Honours BSc. in Applied Mathematics will provide you with fundamental knowledge of the various branches of mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and probability) among other areas of the...
Major, Honours, Liberal Program
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
How do cells behave? In what ways do dysfunctional molecular interactions result in diseases? How can we design molecules to cure those diseases? Biochemistry aims to help us answer these and other complex questions. At its...


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