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Updated: Mon, 07/15/2024 - 16:07

Gradual reopening continues on downtown campus. See Campus Public Safety website for details.

La réouverture graduelle du campus du centre-ville se poursuit. Complément d'information : Direction de la protection et de la prévention.

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How do we produce, value, and trade goods and services within markets locally and globally? What effect does this have on society, public policy and the environment?

These programs are all about how businesses and economies work. You will learn how to analyze and communicate data about companies and their financial activities. You can even specialize in a sector like agriculture, construction or engineering.


Educators help people see the world in new ways. Teaching and learning are lifelong endeavours, and the science behind learning is constantly developing.

Whether you’re interested in childhood education, teaching a subject like Music or English as a Second Language, or studying the psychology of learning — this is the field for you.

Are you curious about the properties and functions of natural and synthetic materials? Would you like to use this knowledge to solve practical problems?

Engineering professionals design, construct and optimize many aspects of our environment. They devise ways to extract resources, and even create new materials. Many diverse fields like aeronautics, medicine, and agriculture rely on expertise and tools developed by engineers.

Environments are where living and inanimate things interact. All kinds of ecosystems are stories of interaction and impact — even urban landscapes.

We study these impacts to understand relationships between the many elements of a system. Plants, food production, and urban and agricultural development all have tangible effects on landscapes, natural ecosystems and global environmental conditions.

Now more than ever, we recognize that health is a complex, multi-faceted field. The body and environment are living systems deeply influenced by their surroundings.

From the microbiome to holistic wellness, new avenues of research are developing every day. You can study health within the field of medicine, or health on environmental, societal and global scales.

To understand ourselves as individuals and communities, we need to critically examine the ways we think, create, collaborate and communicate.

In the humanities and social sciences, you can explore human endeavour and experience in all its forms. Learning how our minds and societies function, across times and spaces, helps us understand the meaning and structure behind human life.

Learning a language offers a world of understanding and new avenues for communication. It can enrich your personal life and open doors in your career.

Languages are rooted in culture — they can help us understand how different groups of people see the world. Maybe your dream is to study Spanish literature, do fieldwork in Tibet, or move to a new continent. Studying languages can help get you there.

The world of computing and technology is rapidly evolving. It’s a field charged with innovation, touching every commercial domain and most aspects of our everyday lives.

An education in mathematics and computing can lead to a challenging, fruitful career. The theory and applied skills you learn will make you a valuable asset in all kinds of industries.

Do you love the feeling of performing on stage and dream of sharpening your skills? Maybe you prefer working behind-the-scenes as a composer, audio technologist or music historian.

Wherever you are, music adds texture to life. Whether in opera halls or popular culture, it tells a story punctuated by style and feeling. Studying music is a rich experience that adds depth and meaning to the sounds of our world.

Are you interested in understanding systems of governance, civil law, or gaining a sense of the way that policies develop and shift throughout history?

Studying political theory or law will help you understand the public institutions that influence our lives, and the reasoning behind the rules people live by. These programs will prepare you to be an engaged, informed citizen.

Do you feel intrigued by the complexity of the world around you, and propelled to learn more? The natural world is an expansive area of study with infinite angles to investigate.

You can probe abstract ideas, conduct theoretical research, or tackle problem solving with a hands-on approach. A degree in the natural sciences will spark your creativity and sharpen your analytical skills, whichever route you take.

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