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Major Concentration
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Software engineers design, develop and test the software programs that apply computer technology to everyday processes. Things as fundamental to our daily lives as downloading e-mails or scanning barcodes at the grocery store...
Macdonald Campus
At the Bieler School of Environment, you will learn how to communicate and contribute effectively on a range of environmental issues. Benefit from an environment where ingenuity and openness to new ideas are encouraged – and ...
Minor Concentration
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
The Education for Arts Students Minor is a great opportunity to follow your passions and interests in the arts while developing your skills as an educator.  This program will give you a solid footing in the basics of pedagogy...
Macdonald Campus
This program is intended to provide you with a strong background in the use of statistical methods of data analysis in environmental sciences to enable you to analyze environmental changes and their impacts on various life...
Major, Minor
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
In the Early Music program, you will learn the elements of early music performance practice and to sing early music. The program combines individual lessons and ensemble training with the study of historical approaches to...
Macdonald Campus
The Specialization in Animal Health and Disease is designed to teach you about general animal physiology and animals’ susceptibility to various diseases. You will learn methods for limiting and controlling outbreaks, and the...
Major Concentration, Honours, Joint Honours, Minor Concentration
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Latin-American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the peoples, cultures, history, literature, politics, economy, and geography of Latin America and the Caribbean.    This program...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
The goal of environmental engineering is to make sure that societal development and the use of water, land and air resources are sustainable. This is done by managing resources so that environmental pollution and degradation is...
Major, Honours
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Mechanical engineers are involved in the conception, design, implementation and operation of a variety of mechanical systems, from bicycles and space shuttles to espresso machines. This program will help you gain expertise that...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Interdisciplinary research that draws from the natural and physical sciences is an important aspect of modern biology. The Quantitative Biology (QB) Honours option is designed for students with a deep interest in biology who...


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