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Major Concentration, Honours, Joint Honours, Minor Concentration, Supplementary Minor
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
The BA Mathematics program will provide you with fundamental knowledge of the various branches of mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and probability) among other areas of the discipline.    This...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
If your goal is to become a skilled and knowledgeable nurse practitioner or researcher, get the preparation you deserve at McGill University’s School of Nursing! The Ingram School of Nursing seeks to inspire and challenge its...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
At the Bieler School of Environment, you will learn how to communicate and contribute effectively on a range of environmental issues. Benefit from an environment where ingenuity and openness to new ideas are encouraged – and ...
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
New for Fall 2022 Do you consider yourself a problem solver? Are you interested in improving today’s society? Education plays a pivotal role in shaping our future, but not everyone is destined for a career in a school or...
Major Concentration, Honours, Joint Honours, Minor Concentration
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
In the Italian Studies program at McGill, you will study the traditions and great classics from Italian history, and gain an understanding of the complexity and diversity of contemporary Italian culture.   The role played by...
Major, Honours, Liberal Program
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Are you fascinated with the human body and how it works? Curious to explore its different components, down to the fundamental units of life, and to examine human cells at the molecular level? In the Anatomy and Cell Biology...
Major, Minor
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Mining is the business, science and engineering of creating a profitable mining operation. Mining engineers design, develop and implement the processes and technologies for the extraction of minerals from the earth in a safe...
Minor Concentration
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
In the World Cinemas minor, you’ll learn all about film aesthetics, history, and theory while exploring cinematic practices from different national and global traditions.   You can take classes across many departments in the...
Major Concentration, Minor Concentration
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Le Département des littératures de langue française, de traduction et de création occupe une position unique à l'Université McGill, puisque tout s'y déroule en français au même titre que dans une université francophone. Situé...
Major, Honours, Minor
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Are you curious about the history of our planet and other terrestrial bodies? Are you fascinated by the study of rocks, volcanoes, tectonics, formations, sediments, minerals and natural resources? Do you have a desire to...


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