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Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Immunology looks at the structure and processes of our immune system, which protects us from external agents such as pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. Since immunology is a key area of biomedical research and...
Joint Majors
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Physiology explores the functions of living organisms. Physiologists investigate everything from individual molecules' interactions to the way specific organs work within the human body. Understanding cell and system physiology...
Major, Honours, Liberal Program
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Microbiology is the study of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa and parasites. Microorganisms play an important role in the environment and in human, animal and plant life and disease. Immunology studies our...
Major Concentration
Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Psychology is the science of mind and behaviour, and includes the examination of conscious and unconscious phenomena, feeling and thought. This interdisciplinary field crosses social and biological sciences. As a social...
Macdonald Campus
In the Plant Biology Specialization, you will learn all about the nature of plants — from their cellular structure, to their role in the ecosystem.     You will examine the structure and development of plants in the context of...


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