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Our highly motivated and experienced student ambassadors - from Canada and abroad - are here to help you figure out what the McGill student experience looks like, from the inside! Register for a 30-minute one-on-one session, and hear their take on student life, academics, life in Montreal and much more! Learn from their experiences and ask them all you need to know about student life and studying at McGill.

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Adelyn Moore
Meet Adelyn (Downtown campus)

Hi! My name is Adelyn Moore, and I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I recently graduated from McGill with a BSc in Honours Anatomy & Cell Biology and will be starting a Master’s of Biomedical Engineering in Fall 2023. During my time as an undergrad, I worked in a couple different labs on campus and really fell in love with the world of research. The great thing about my program was that it prepared me for a career in medicine and research, and I decided to get the best of both worlds by joining a master’s lab that does both. Aside from the excellent science program, I decided to come to McGill for the city of Montréal. I love being able to have a life as a student on campus then to venture into downtown with lots of activities, festivals and restaurants, year-round. When I’m not studying in Redpath 2 (my fav study spot), you can catch me playing volleyball intramurals with friends, laying on lower field reading a book, or out in the city having a drink at a new café!



Aiman student ambassadorMeet Aiman (Downtown campus)

Bonjour/Hi! This is Aiman (he/him), and it's nice to meet you! I’m originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I've also lived in both Texas (USA) and Alberta (Canada). I'm currently studying Medicine (MDCM) here at McGill, but I'm not new to the university as I also completed a BA&Sc. in Honours Cognitive Science minoring in Arabic along with a MSc.(A) in Speech-Language Pathology where I interned in schools, clinics, and hospitals. If you have any questions about all things communication, about the interdiscplinary study of the mind, or about the student life in general, please feel free to reach out! In my undergrad, I was involved with clubs such as the Malaysian and Singaporean Students Association, Walksafe, and the Symphonic Band Club. I also had the experience in becoming a Mentor for the McGill Mentorships in Healthcare program during my Masters, guiding underrepresented students in CEGEP while promoting various career pathways in the healthcare sector. In terms of lab work and research, I had the opportunity to be involved in a Neurobiology lab along with a Cognitive Neuroscience lab, the latter one being the focus of my undergraduate Honours Project. I also learned a lot of French by taking classes and by walking around in the city of Montréal, so if you wish to practice your French, n’hésitez pas à demander! Nice to meet you et à bientôt!


Amelia Whitcomb
Meet Amelia (Downtown campus)

Hello! I'm Amelia (she/her), a U2 (third year) Cognitive Science student from York Beach Maine. Within my major, I study neuroscience, and I'm really interested in how mental health manifests in the brain! I also have a minor in gender, sexuality, feminist, and social justice studies, so I am truly living my Bachelor of Arts & Science fantasy! Outside of classes, I enjoy getting involved through the Science Undergraduate Society here at McGill, where I am the Vice President Finance. I also love to get out and enjoy Montreal, and I am always looking for a fun concert to attend. Because I am from the States, I also really enjoy meeting the wonderful international student population here at McGill! All that said, my favorite thing to do on campus is to meet up with a few friends and enjoy lunch outside in the spring or fall, especially from the legendary McGill Hot Dog Man. There are so many wonderful opportunities to explore here, and I hope that you will come visit us to learn all about them!


Annie Obnowlenny
Meet Annie (Downtown campus)

Hello! My name is Annie Obnowlenny, and I'm from Barrie, Ontario (a town just north of Toronto!) I am going into my third year (U2) here at McGill in the Faculty of Science for Environmental Science. My concentration is in food production and agriculture, so I get to spend a lot of time in the MacDonald Campus greenhouses seeding, germinating, and experimenting with different soils and nutrient additives. I come from a small town and high school, so I didn't have the opportunity to do any cool internships or specialized classes. However, this didn't prevent me from coming to Montreal and studying at a large university. I really enjoy the blend of open space and nature from Mont Royal with the busy student-life of downtown Montreal, which is what initially drew me into loving the campus! Plus, being able to commute for free on the Mac shuttle to see the open space of Saint Anne-de-Bellevue gives me a break away from the downtown core!


Camille Menard
Meet Camille (Downtown campus)

Hi everyone! My name is Camille Menard and I’m entering my second year (U2) in the Faculty of Management this fall. I grew up in small-town Vermont in the States, and I’ve loved the transition to living in big-city Montreal! I chose this school due to the diverse student body, the worldwide reputation, and the beautiful city of Montreal. I was able to skip a whole year at McGill thanks to advanced standing from AP credits, an experience that was uniquely available to me with McGill. Outside of my classes, I hold positions in a few management clubs, including the International Management Association and the Corporate Relations portfolio, and I’m a student ambassador for the university. I speak English, French, and decent Spanish, and I’d be happy to answer your questions in any of the three languages! I look forward to meeting you all, whether it be through Zoom or in person.



Meet Jamie (Macdonald campus)

I’m Jamie, a third-year (U3) student in Honors Environmental Biology specializing in Wildlife Biology. I come from Lebanon, and I study in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, which is based at the Macdonald Campus! My program allows me to get out in the field, conduct experiments in and around forests and rivers, and learn more about our planet's amazing biodiversity and how to conserve it. I am part of a few intramurals team in soccer and frisbee, which is a great way to meet new people and have loads of fun. I am also addicted to the Macdonald Campus Outdoors Club, where I can nurture my love for hiking, camping and canoeing. I have been a Frosh leader twice, as I am a quite social person; therefore, enjoying Montreal’s unique nightlife has been an incredible experience so far. I speak four languages, and I am more than excited to share with you why I think studying at Mac, and McGill in general, is an awesome opportunity to learn loads and develop wonderful friendships and new passions.



Meet Kennedy (Macdonald campus)

Hey there! My name is Kennedy, and I'm a second year (U1) student at McGill's Macdonald Campus. I started out in the Freshman Program last year, and I'm now majoring in Environmental Biology with a specialization in Wildlife Biology. I'm originally from southern Ontario and decided to study at McGill to experience life away from home and explore the beautiful city of Montréal. Since I live downtown and study at Macdonald Campus, I get to enjoy the best of both worlds and would be more than happy to share my experiences with you! I also lived in residence first year and met so many amazing people, despite pandemic restrictions. If you have any questions about being an out-of-province student, residence life, Macdonald Campus, or just life as a McGill student in general, I'm here to answer them!


Lindsey Kamienik

Meet Lindsey (Downtown campus)

Bonjour/Hi everyone! My name is Lindsey Kamienik (she/her), and I grew up and lived in Pittsburgh, PA my whole life. As a dual-citizen it was always my dream to move to Canada to study! I am entering my third year (U2) in the faculty of Arts & Science at McGill as a part of the Honours Cognitive Science program, concentrating in neuroscience, with a minor in International Development Studies. I truly love how multidisciplinary my program is since it has given me the opportunity to take classes in a variety of fields including psychology, computer science, philosophy, linguistics, economics, and anthropology as well as a built-in undergraduate research project as part of the honours program. Outside of academics, I am an active member of the McGill Delegation Team where I travel around North America competing in Model UN at the collegiate level. In my free time, I love exploring the exceptional community, history, and culture that the city of Montréal has to offer, discovering the best cafés and libraries, and enjoying the many greenspaces, like Mont Royal located right next to campus! I hope to meet you soon, virtually or on campus!


Luca CianciarusoMeet Luca (Downtown campus)

Hey Everyone! My name is Luca Lexham Cianciaruso and I am a proud McGill first year (but U1) student. I am a part of the Desautels Faculty of Management, majoring in International Management, and still haven't decided what I am minoring in (there is still time!). I'm from Ottawa, Canada's Capital city, and went to an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, which is why I was placed into U1. Although my first year has been online, I have tried to be as active in the community as possible and recommend every future McGillian to try out at least one or two of the vast array of clubs and other extracurriculars that McGill offers. Personally, I am a member of the McGill Delegation team (I highly recommend), Investment club, the SSUNS Secretariat, and the Board Ad-Hoc Committee on Naming (BACoN). I also work as a student ambassador giving weekly campus tours to high school students from all over the world. I highly recommend attending the My Story presentations as they offer valuable student insight into what it means to attend McGill. I hope to see some of you at my next presentation!


Noémy Meet Noémy (Macdonald campus)

Hi everyone! My name is Noémy and I’m a U3 student in the Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences. I’m majoring in Life Sciences with a specialization in Animal Health and Disease. I chose this program because it offers hands-on training and has a huge diversity of offered courses. That is very important for me because I learn best when I can apply the theory through laboratory experiments. I also was unsure of the field of study I wanted to choose so the broad choices of courses really helped me narrow down my interests. Outside of my classes, I’m VP of media for the Fermenters & Brewers of Mac student club, I’m a student ambassador for the university and I work part-time at a small animal veterinary practice. I previously graduated with a three-year technical DEC from CEGEP of Saint-Hyacinthe and am a Certified Veterinary Technician. I had to go through the freshman program (U0) to meet the entrance requirements of the bachelor's degree. I speak English, and French and I’d be more than happy to answer your questions in either of these languages. I look forward to meeting you all, through Zoom or in person.


Rex Hamilton
Meet Rex (Downtown campus)

Hi! My name is Rex, I'm originally from the Aspen, Colorado area and I'm a U3 student in the Faculty of Science majoring in Software Engineering and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I'm very interested in the tech start-up world and I hope to make my way into software development once I graduate. Aside from academics, I have been involved in lots of extracurriculars, including the McGill Delegations Team, McMUN and Frosh. I also work part time both as a Student Ambassador and as one of the Bar Supervisors at Gert's, the McGill campus bar, so if you end up at McGill I'll likely be making you a drink at some point. I also play drums in an indie rock band and I love the live music scene in Montreal, so don't hesistate to ask for venue recommendations.


SelinMeet Selin (Macdonald campus)

Hi! My name is Selin, and I grew up in both Ontario and Michigan. I am in my second year (U1) in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at McGill’s Macdonald Campus. I’m in a dual-degree program, majoring in Food Science and Nutritional Sciences. Recently, I joined one of my professor's labs as an undergraduate research assistant, and it’s been an amazing learning opportunity! I am also involved in McGill’s Food Science Association, which has been a great way to connect with people in my program and learn more about the industry. One of my favourite things about being a student at Mac is the tight-knit community and how easy it is to talk to your professors. During my first year, I lived in residence, where I met a lot of awesome people, despite having classes online. This year, I’m living downtown and have been loving how beautiful the city is!


Sophia Howard
Meet Sophia (Downtown campus)

Hi! My name is Sophia Howard and I'm from New York City. I am going into my third year (U2) at McGill University in the faculty of science studying Honours Statistics. At McGill, I have been involved with a variety of activities, from intramural frisbee to trivia club. However, I have found that the thing I enjoy the most is event planning. I started out by being a representative on New Residence's Hall council and will continue next year by being the VP events for Cocoa & Cacao and the director or After Hours, the faculty of Science's student bar. One of my favourite things about McGill University is the diverse number of places to study on campus, my personal spot being Cybertheque, which is in the basement of the Redpath Library. I'm excited to get to meet you and answer your questions about McGill!


Sophia Moubarak
Meet Sophia (Downtown campus)

Salut! My name is Sophia Moubarak from Montreal, Quebec and I am a proud McGill student ambassador. Having completed the French Baccalaureate, I am currently a second year student in the Faculty of Engineering, majoring in Electrical Engineering. Besides being a student ambassador at McGill, I am also a TEAM mentor for tutoring services. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer and keeping up with Formula One, which is why I plan on joining McGill’s Intramurals league and the Formula Electric team this fall! McGill offers a large range of extracurricular activities (+230 clubs), so my best advice is to get involved! Although I began my McGill experience online, I still managed to learn a few tricks that helped me throughout my first year and I hope to share them with you at my next presentation!


Thea Student Ambassador

Meet Thea (Downtown campus)

Hi! My name’s Thea Clark and I’m from Toronto, Ontario. I’ll be starting my second year (U1) in the Faculty of Arts this fall. I’m majoring in Political Science and minoring in English Literature and History. I took AP classes in high school, but not enough to skip the freshman program. Since I had no idea what I wanted to study coming out of high school, the freshman program was a great opportunity for me to try a bunch of different classes in different departments and figure out what exactly I was passionate about. I really enjoyed my classes and, despite my first year being remote, I still managed to meet a lot of incredible people online and in residence. One of my favourite things about being a McGill student is the city- Montreal is such a vibrant place, and there’s always something new to check out.


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