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McGill Cup Students

What Makes a McGillian?



McGill students hail from a vast range of nations, cultures and walks of life. McGill has been home to 144 Rhodes Scholars—more than any other Canadian university—and our student researchers send home dispatches from around the world, chronicling their contributions to their fields as well as their incredible adventures.

McGill students work hard, but they know that their academic effort is an investment in themselves—one that pays enormous dividends and unlocks a lifetime of possibilities. And their learning isn’t just in the classroom—with hundreds of clubs, sports teams, volunteer opportunities and other things to do, McGill offers an incredible range of ways to get involved. Whatever your passion, you’ll find fellow McGillians who share it.


For 190 years, McGill faculty members have been leaders in their fields. Ernest Rutherford was a McGill professor when he launched the field of nuclear physics, as was Wilder Penfield when he mapped the human brain. In 1936 Maude Abbott shattered the gender barrier and literally “wrote the book” on modern heart surgery, and in 2013 McGill physicists helped find the elusive Higgs-Boson particle. Every day, McGill faculty members make history and open students’ minds to the possibilities that lie just beyond the boundaries of human knowledge.


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Every day, some 3,500 employees work hard to keep one of the world’s top universities humming. Their dedication and expertise—be they academic advisors, financial aid experts, or maintenance personnel—are a big part of the world-class McGill experience.


More than a quarter of a million living McGill grads blanket the globe—and even venture into the spaces beyond, with three alumni astronauts having explored the final frontier. McGillians invented the search engine and the world's top tool for evaluating pain. They helped desegregate American schools, championed human rights, and created the technology that powers digital cameras. They’ve won Grammys, Nobel Prizes and Olympic gold medals. And today they continue to push the limits of possibility—not only dreaming big, but making those big dreams a reality.

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