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Our Reputation

The numbers speak for themselves. Mcgill is currently ranked:


two centuries of greatness

McGill’s history dates back to 1813, when Scottish trader James McGill willed £10,000 sterling and his forty-six acre mountainside estate for the creation of a university bearing his name. Chartered in 1821, the new college began offering the first of its regular classes in 1829.

In the many years since then, the world has changed and McGill has flourished—blazing new trails in research, women’s rights, athletics and more. Our students, researchers, faculty and alumni have made an indelible mark on history, and our school has become a recognized and respected name around the globe.

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McGill graduates



A McGill education prepares you for a lifelong career. Employers in Canada and around the world recognize and trust a McGill degree:
In a global survey that ranks universities’ reputation among employers, we came in 18th in the world.



When you graduate, your McGill degree will be recognized and valued by potential employers and grad schools. You will be able to lean on a powerful, worldwide network of over 250,000 alumni living in 180 countries—no matter where you go in the world, you’ll find McGill graduates.

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