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McGill Graduates

The McGill Commitment

McGill University is committed to challenging you with a world-class education in a dynamic environment that will demand the very best of you, while supporting you in your intellectual and personal development.

McGill has a history of shaping Nobel Prize winners, Rhodes Scholars, Grammy Award winners, Olympic gold medalists, and world-renowned researchers and leaders who span the globe and leave their McGill mark in virtually every field–from neuroscience, to the arts, to physics, to finance, to technology.

While you work towards graduation, we will prepare you for the next fifty years. Our political, environmental, economic and societal future may be undefined, but the McGill experience will position you to lead in increasingly complex times and to effect positive change.

The McGill Commitment ensures that the University will foster students’ Self-Development, while offering Innovative Academics and Leading Research on an International Campus.

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International campus

You will be immersed in Canada’s  most international campus, located in one of North America’s leading cosmopolitan cities, among some of the  brightest students in the world. This vibrant environment will prepare you for our 21st century society and the evolving job market.


innovative academics

You will acquire a first-rate education with a curriculum informed by leading pedagogical practices that emphasize both creative and experiential learning. You will concurrently develop the social skills and innovative thinking required to address the complex issues of the future.

leading research

You will experience one of the world’s most research-intensive environments, with numerous research opportunities for undergraduate students. You will be equipped with the inquiry skills and the intellectual rigour needed to create a better world.

fostering self-development

You will be encouraged to discover and develop your unique potential in a supportive and respectful environment. Our dynamic campus offers diverse opportunities for personal growth, while cultivating your creative and critical thinking. The McGill experience will prepare you to motivate change in yourself, your community and the world.