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Ecological Determinants of Health in Society

Can be taken as: Domain

An understanding of the interface between human health and environment depends not only on an appreciation of the biological and ecological determinants of health, but equally on an appreciation of the role of social sciences in the design, implementation, and monitoring of interventions. Demographic patterns and urbanization, economic forces, ethics, indigenous knowledge and culture, and an understanding of how social change can be effected are all critical if we are to be successful in our efforts to assure health of individuals and societies in the future. Recognizing the key role that nutritional status plays in maintaining a healthy body, and the increasing importance of infection as a health risk linked intimately with the environment, this domain prepares students to contribute to the solution of problems of nutrition and infection by tying the relevant natural sciences to the social sciences.

Note: This Domain is open only to students in the BA Faculty Program in Environment.

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Faculty Program Environment - Ecological Determinants of Health in Society (54 Credits)