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Dietetics (Professional Program)

Can be taken as: Major

The BSc Dietetics Major is a 3.5 year undergraduate degree (plus a U0 Freshman year for students from outside Quebec) which leads to eligibility for registration as a professional Dietitian/Nutritionist.  Graduates are qualified for membership in Dietitians of Canada and the Ordre professionnelle de diététistes du Québec.

If you are passionate about food, cooking, and healthy eating, then this profession may be for you!  You should have a strong science background, and enjoy communicating with others about food. You should be curious about food and nutrition, like reading scientific references, and enjoy sorting out fact from fiction.  Most dietitians enjoy trying new foods, experimenting with a new recipe or cooking, shopping for foods, growing vegetables, reading nutrition labels, uncovering facts... these are all clues towards an interest in the field of nutrition.

Our students participate in 3 main domains of activities:  1) Food service management, 2) Clinical Nutrition and 3) Population health or Community nutrition.  In our program there are 4 levels of internships, and each internship builds upon the other.  Competencies in professional practice, communication, clinical nutrition, population health and foodservice management must be successfully completed to graduate from the program.

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Bachelor of Science (Nutritional Sciences) (B.Sc.(Nutr.Sc.)) - Major Dietetics (115 Credits)