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Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences (Dietetics and Nutrition)

What's special about the McGill Bachelor Science in Nutritional Sciences (BSc(NutrSc))?

The School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition is the oldest teaching and research institution in Human Nutrition in Canada. Our primary mission is to improve human health during the life span by training future leaders in the fields of dietetics and nutritional sciences, in food safety and food security, and in global health and international nutrition. The School is home to 10.5 tenure track faculty and to 5 faculty lecturers/clinical coordinators who oversee the dietetics stage/internship placements in Canada and internationally.

How is the BSc(NutrSc) structured?

This is a general outline. Consult the eCalendar for detailed program outlines.

Two programs are offered within the BSc(NutrSc):

  1. Dietetics: Over the course of three-and-a-half-years (U1, U2, U3 and U4) students will complete a 115-credit professional degree.  Graduates from the Dietetics program are qualified for membership in Dietitians of Canada and the Ordre professionnelle de diététistes du Québec. 

    Note: Students from high schools outside Quebec are not eligible for direct admission . 
  2. Nutrition: Over the course of three years (U1, U2 and U3) students will complete a 90-credit degree. For students from high schools outside Quebec, a 30-credit freshman year (called U0) will be added at the start of your studies (making this a four-year, 120-credit degree). 

If you will be completing advanced level course work (such as International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement (AP), Advanced Levels, and/or university courses) you may receive advanced standing credit for all or part of the U0 year.

When do I declare my program?

If you are applying from a high school outside Quebec, you can apply directly to the Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences – Nutrition Option.  If interested in the Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences – Dietetics Option, a minimum of one year of university studies, with completion of all prerequisite courses, will be required before you can apply.

If you are applying from Quebec CEGEP or with an International Baccalaureate Diploma you will need to select between the Dietetics and Nutrition options at the time of application.

Enhance your (BSc(NutrSc)) degree!

The Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences offers undergraduate students every opportunity to expand their learning experience through participation in research projects. An excellent way is to find a professor whose research interests match your own. Professors occasionally need assistance, either during the summers and/or during the academic year. Always have an updated curriculum vitae available, so that, when an opportunity presents itself, you are ready to apply.

The University also participates in several government programs, including the NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award program, that encourage students to actively participate in ongoing or new research projects.