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Bachelor of Education

What's special about a McGill Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)?

Teaching and learning are central to the success of any society. Teachers are leaders who prepare learners for living in today's fast-changing world. The Faculty of Education offers a variety of programs for both the kindergarten-elementary and the secondary levels, as well as three specialist programs in second language, music, and physical and health education that prepare students to teach at both the elementary and secondary level. Student teaching field experiences are at the heart of all our teacher education programs. Students are placed in an elementary or secondary school every year of the program and will spend at least 700 hours in a range of classroom settings. During this vital classroom experience, students are mentored by dedicated teams of cooperating teachers and McGill supervisors and will be well prepared upon graduation to run their own classrooms.

How is the B. Ed. structured?

Over the course of four years (U1, U2, U3 and U4), students will complete a 120-credit degree.  For students from high schools outside Quebec, a 30-credit freshman year (called U0) will be added at the start of your studies (making this a five-year, 150-credit degree).

If you will be completing advanced level course work (such as International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement (AP), Advanced Levels, and/or university courses) you may receive advanced standing credit for all or part of the U0 year.

All Bachelor of Education programs have been accredited by the Comité d'agrément des programmes de formation à l'enseignement (CAPFE).  As such, each program has its own course requirements and structure.  To view detailed program outlines, click here.

When do I declare my program of study?

The Faculty offers a variety of professional programs and all students must decide which one they wish to pursue at the time of application.

  • B.Ed. Kindergarten & Elementary

    This program prepares students for the elementary school classroom. A concentration in Jewish studies and a concentration in Pédagogie de l'Immersion Française is available to students admitted into this program. A concentration in First Nations and Inuit studies is available for first nations students.

  • B.Ed. Secondary

    The aim of the B.Ed. Secondary program is to prepare strong beginning teachers for the secondary school level.  Students choose their teaching profiles from: English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences (History and Citizenship, and one of Geography or Ethics and Religious Culture).

  • B.Ed. Physical and Health Education

    This specialist program prepares students to teach and promote dynamic physical and health education programs in school settings.

  • B.Ed. Teaching English as a Second Language

    This specialist program provides students with a broad liberal education and allows them to study language and language learning from linguistic, social, cultural and psychological perspectives.

Enhance your B.Ed. Degree!

The Faculty comprises three academic units serving both undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty members not only teach within their respective disciplines but participate in a wide diversity of basic and applied research projects locally, nationally and internationally. Research initiatives inform our teacher training programs educating graduates who enter the classroom as teachers with current, relevant, and optimized professional skill-sets.  Speak with your professors to find out how you can get involved!

Don’t forget about our Internship programs! Education students can apply for internships through the Arts Internship Office (AIO). Internships take place during the summer. Find out more about Faculty of Arts Internship opportunities on their website.