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Animal Health and Disease (Specialization)

Can be taken as: Specialization

Note: Students who enter this specialization are not guaranteed entry into a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program.

The Animal Health and Disease specialization is a Pre-Vet compatible undergraduate degree. The program is structured around courses within the biological and health sciences that will give you the needed background in basic sciences such as genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry to proceed with more advanced courses in the animal and health sciences. After the basic science courses taken in the first year, students enroll in animal specialized courses such as physiology, immunology, animal nutrition, animal industries and animal behavior. An emphasis of this specialization is how to prevent, treat and understand disease in domestic animals.

Through-out this program there are hands on sessions with the animals on our teaching and research farm including cows, sheep and poultry, and there are opportunities to add a research component with domestic or wild animals. This specialization prepares you for a career in animal health sciences, or for further studies at the graduate level in the life sciences, various health fields or animal sciences.

Note: You may take this specialization with the following major: Life Sciences

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Bachelor of Science (Agricultural and Environmental Sciences) (B.Sc.(Ag.Env.Sc.)) - Animal Health and Disease (24 Credits)