Infection Control Precautions



LAST UPDATED Initially prepared by the McGill University Teaching Hospital Infection Control and Prevention Work Group May 2008 Revised October 2012 by Dorothy L. Moore, Associate Professor of Paediatrics, McGill University, Associate Infection Control Physician for Child and Adolescent Services, Montreal Children’s Hospital McGill University Health Center
PERTINENT TO Students / Resident Teacher / Faculty 
PURPOSE During clinical rotations, the risk of exposure to serious infection is small. However, to ensure maximum protection, you must observe the universal health precautions below. The blood and body fluids of all patients are considered contaminated and must be handled in a careful manner, regardless of the diagnosis of the patient.

Please read the Preventing Infections: How to Protect Your Patients and Yourself in the Hospital Environment (PDF).

For more information regarding immunization please visit: McGill Student Health Service



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