Pediatric Surgery

The Children's Hospital surgical electives are designed to give the student exposure to clinical areas of his/her interest in any of the Surgical Services listed below. The student may elect to rotate through more than one of the services, if a vacancy exists.


Pediatric General Surgery (Royal Victoria Hospital)
Supervisor Dr. Kenneth S. Shaw Telephone (514) 412-4497
Coordinator Maria Corvino Telephone (514) 412-4388
Fax (514) 412-4341
E-mail maria.corvino [at]

Can accept up to two students at a time. Inpatient experience will consist of pre- and post-op care on ward and ICU patients, clinics and OR experience under the supervision of the Chief Resident and Staff Pediatric Surgeon. In both areas the Emergency and Surgery Clinic, and indoor wards, students will have ample opportunity to participate in all phases of clinical care. Opportunities will be offered for in-depth studies of either a clinical or research nature as suitable problems present. Students in both areas will be expected to attend all resident teaching sessions.


Pediatric Plastic Surgery
Supervisor Dr. Sabrina Cugno Telephone (514) 934-1934 ext. 48047
Coordinator Frank Rizzo Telephone (514) 934-1934 ext. 48047
E-mail [at]

Available to one student at any one time. The student will be attached to the Plastic Surgery Department and would be encouraged to partake actively in the clinical evaluation of patients and assessment for surgery. The student will be expected to take part in ward rounds, outdoor clinics and to observe and assist in the operative procedures. Clinical research into the problems of congenital hand deformities and hemangiomata could form a portion of this elective and statistical survey of these and other conditions that are treated on this service would make the program of greater value to the participating student.


Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery


Dr. Thierry Benaroch
Montreal Children's Hospital
Telephone (514) 282-6963


Coordinator Isabelle Mercier E-mail

isabelle.mercier [at]

Available to two Clerkship students. The program is integrated between the Montreal Children's Hospital and the Shriners Hospital and the student will work equally at both hospitals. General children's orthopedic clinics are held almost daily. As well, specialty clinics include limb length discrepancy, amputee, hand, scoliosis, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, seating, neuromuscular, neurofibromatosis, as well as clinics in the following areas: metabolic disorders and rheumatology. Rounds are held weekly at both hospitals. The student would be expected to observe and assist at clinics, rounds, conferences and attend the operating room whenever desirable or possible. Efforts would be made to teach basic physical examination of the musculoskeletal system as well as the fundamentals of common Pediatric Orthopedic conditions. Emergency experience for trauma will be available at the Montreal Children's Hospital with guidance in fracture management, cast application and various forms of traction. Note: The Division of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery at McGill is one unit with 2 Complementary hospitals: Dr. Hamdy is the Director of the Division and Chief of Staff at the Shriners and Dr. Benaroch is the Site Director for the MCH unit.


Pediatric Urology
Supervisor Dr. Roman Jednak Telephone (514) 934-1934, Local 22875
Coordinator Lucy Woo Telephone (514) 934-1934, Local 22875
Fax (514) 934-4384
E-mail lucy.woo [at]

Available to one Clerkship student at any one time. The student will participate in the diagnosis and management of patients with urological disease, the methods of urographic diagnosis and surgical treatment. The principles of diagnosis will be stressed and instruction given in the specialized techniques of urography, renal angiography, cystourethrography, ultrasound and renal scanning as they apply in pediatrics urological practice. Close participation in the clinics, wards and operating rooms. Cystoscopic diagnostic methods will be taught. Uroradiographic diagnostic conferences are provided as well as weekly conferences on urinary tract infections.