Information and online request form

Our recommendation is always that you first speak to the professor teaching the course before deciding to use a tutor. The professor may be able to offer suggestions on how to best approach the material, and are often available for extra help during their office hours.

For Successful Tutoring:

Know what you want to work on. Do your assignments.
Tutoring cannot make up for missed lectures>
Tutoring is not a lecture. It is an active way to process information in which you and your tutor participate one on one.

..............ATTENTION: STUDENTS - TUTORS - TUTEES ................

***Varsity athletes must first contact the Intercollegiate Office in the Dept. of Athletics to request a tutor to receive subsidized tutoring.
***Clients of the Office for Students with Disabilities requiring a tutor must contact an Access Services Advisor to determine their eligibility for partially subsidized tutoring.
***First Nations, Inuit or Metis requiring a tutor must first contact Indigenous Adviser Alyse Vanevery

You MUST SIGN IN to the McGill Web System (yellow Login box) to access the online tutor request form.

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a reply within 48 hours of submitting your request, with the exception of weekends, holidays, and peak periods.

Tutors are also available to the general public. Non-McGill students must email the tutoring.service [at] (Administrative Coordinator) for instructions on how to proceed to request a tutor.
*Please note: we are unable to respond to requests from the general public at this time, as we must concentrate on fulfilling our primary mandate to our McGill students.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE TUTEE,(student requesting tutoring )
-Be on time for tutoring appointments
-Attend classes(tutoring is not a substitute for going to class)
-Prepare for the session with questions to ask the tutor, & by completing as much work as possible before the session, read the textbook, attempt homework problems, ect.
-Remit payment directly to tutor after every session
-Always treat the tutor with respect
-Cancel at least 24 hrs in advance if unable to keep the appointment